Courageous and assertive lines and innovative designs and customer satisfaction at the forefront of an attractive and well-kept hold of a company that caters to women.

    Always with Courageous and assertive lines, we hold customer satisfaction and innovative designs that appeal to women, a company of attractive and well-maintained. diMare lines are determined by the best designers and provocative colors allow you to integrate with the best quality fabrics. diMare exhibits, Top quality fashion trends and high customer satisfaction, innovative outfits for ladies charming and stylish, sleek lines, in order to produce the best designers in the business community, high quality, custom and colorful Dimar products,
    Dimar growth, continues to open new stores in various countries. Come and visit us.

    Courageous Designs - Unique Lines - Exciting Trends - Ambitious Colors - High Quality Skilled Trades - And the Latest Technology.


    diMare,Since its founding in 1987 as a part of the group Durucan offers their collections. Dimar has designed his first collection Bomonti'de textile center of Istanbul.

    Durucan Group, textiles, tourism and real estate experts in their fields. Vision, innovative designs and the best quality products to an international fashion brand in the world of women. Mission for the most stylish and bold designs to create elegant ladies.


    diMare licensed products produced by designers, has many CERTIFICATES Lys, Lys on four continents each year organizes the international fashion shows and fashion shows, attending reaches Dimar suppliers with high-quality supply chain management system.